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More and more people, in addition to searching for the best keywords available for a website, choose to invent their own , because if a word only exists because you have invented it, no one else will be competing with you for that keyword .

Make no mistake, don't start inventing keywords to bombard your website with terms that no one knows. All you have to do is create a brand, a product, a methodology, but one that is of interest to your potential clients. This invented keyword should be your main keyword, before the others.

As happened with many words invented by marketing companies over the years, an example of these invented words is the famous Ziritione Special Data from the Volkswagen Polo advertisement, if this word becomes popular, you will be the only one who has it as a keyword and therefore you will position yourself in the first position on Google with a high-volume keyword.

Products and brands
You can't always create a new product, but you can create a new brand for that same product, with a more catchy and easy-to-remember name. As with the Ziritione case mentioned above, you can add some additional functionality to your products with a unique name ideal for positioning as the main keyword.

If you master a topic or a process so much that you have developed your own step-by-step system or methodology, you can publish this knowledge obtained based on experience, naming it with the keyword that we have invented to position it. Who hasn't heard of the Dukan Diet? If your post generates enough interest, the keyword will become popular and for a long time you will be the only one who dominates it.


invent the word
Gather the human team that you talk so much about on your website around a table and let Brainstorming do the rest. Thanks to a brainstorm you can glimpse the keyword that you would never have thought of. Even if you think you don't need Brainstorming because you already have the word decided, at least consult it with your trusted people to see how they react.

And finally
When a made-up keyword becomes popular, it will suddenly start being used by others to rank their websites. Something similar to when a “new” sport modality appears in a short time in all the gyms in the city they teach you how to practice it.

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